How to fax online

How to fax online

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Send a fax online for free

Most people have heard of the ability to send faxes for free from the internet, but have never given it a try mostly because they don't understand completely how it works.

Online fax services allow you to send a fax to a regular fax machine through your current email program - no special software, phone lines, or additional equipment is necessary! Many fax to email services offer free 30 day trials, which you can cancel after using for a month if you are not happy with the service.

Here are some of the benefits of switching to a more paperless office:

You become more mobile

With a free online fax service you can receive faxes while on the road or away from the office - there is no need to be near a machine. More flexibility and freedom is always a luxury in any business.

You will save money

With a fax to email service there is no need to pay monthly for a phone line that you may or may not use. You pay only for the faxes you send and do not have to pay long distance or international calling charges. You will also save money on electricity and paper/ink cartridges printing faxes that just end up in the garbage eventually.

Other benefits

  • You save office desk space by eliminating the need for a fax machine.
  • You will have an instant record of every fax sent in your email already, eliminating the need for filing.
  • You will have one less piece of equipment that may break or require maintenance eventually.

Most professional executives have already made the switch to paperless offices by taking advantage of sending free faxes online - now is the time to give it a shot! allows you 150 free faxes per month, the ability to send and receive faxes on your smartphone, and unlimited online storage so that you can retrieve faxes anywhere. The first 30 days are free. is owned by the same company and also offers a 30-day free trial. The pricing plans are slightly different between the top two online fax services.

How to fax online

Free fax service

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Send a fax online is a very popular fax to email service and has cheap monthly rates for a line.